(c) Ima Djie
By the time I called the barber to shave my hair off, looking in the mirror was unbearable. Everyday I woke up, looked at myself and felt disconnected. The person who was looking back at me no longer represented the person who I felt like. I know this sounds pretty dramatic especially since it’s just hair.

But is it really?
(c) Ima Djie
As short as it was, it felt like the height of the past. Dry and coarse it didn’t take to coconut oil like it used to. It was almost like it knew its time was up. The first time I shaved my head, my father sat me down to talk because he thought I was going through a life crisis. That wasn’t the case back then and it isn’t the case now. If anything, I am going through an evolution. 

Taking the new lessons I’ve learned and peeling back the layers of a programmed false self, I am open. I am not reinventing myself or just refreshing my look, I am setting the table for a reunion. 

Once again I am ready to see me raw and unobstructed. Stripped of anything the world may use to define me. I want my outer appearance to match my inner mien. Unapologetic, empowered, bare, wild. 
(c) Ima Djie

(c) Ima Djie
Feasting on my soul’s journey, I want you to see me as whence I came. Wiggling from the womb, crying out from the joy that it is to breathe deeply.

Inhale, exhale, my lungs burn from the shallow pool of a closed chapter.

Inhale, exhale, the divine holds me close to her bosom.

To you it may only be a fashion statement but to me, it's my testimony.
(c) Ima Djie
The photos used in this post are from a beautiful collaboration with Ima and Peta, two amazing creatives I met in Los Angeles, for Peta’s jewelry line Unbiased.

Ima Steinsvik Djie is a Los Angeles based photographer who is currently experimenting photographing solely with film.

Peta Johnston, a curious New Zealander found herself in Los Angeles via the way of Spain in early 2012. With the drive to pursue all things design and sunshine and a background in fashion plus a masters degree in design and innovation management, Peta has applied her diverse skills to the nonprofit sector, fashion, event production, service and consumer product industries.

Unbiased is uniquely designed stackable jewelry that strikes the perfect balance between complex design and simple elegance. The designs can be worn individually, stacked or interestingly integrated with other pieces, any which way we are unbiased.
Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.The complete collection will be launched throughout 2017.
(c) Ima Djie