Answering The Call

My soul is answering the call within.
The call to hug women from another lifetime
To stare deeply into a stranger's eyes knowing our histories are linked but now reunited in this century
To eat with laughter and gratitude mangled with fractured sentences finding refuge in the company and leaving the nuance of language
The knowledge of knowing we swam in the same womb once, suckled at the same bosom, ran through the same luna forest
I’m answering the call of the past, the future and my lost family
Calling me to reunite, welcoming me, pulling me to all the homes that I knew and yet to know
The whispers of my sisters across the seas are becoming a brewing ocean I cannot ignore. 
Standing on the shores of San Juan Del Sur. 1st stop of many.
Do you remember a time when you answered a higher calling? Let me know in the comment section below.